NFTs, their Effects and Sidefacts

NFTs enjoy quite a huge presence today, with a strong growing indicator considering mass adaption is still not in sight. But also important is the fact that NFTs arent just these Pixel-Character artworks selling for millions. NFTs are namely non fungible Tokens, so they are non-replacable, digital and cryptographically secured objects on a distributed Ledger Technology, often the blockchain.

As a short side-note: Blockchain-Technology isnt equal to distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), but is still today a widely spread misconception( But who we want to blame for in a world of soundbites and buzzwords?). The Difference: DLT is more like the general concept of the decentralisation-wave, while the for example famous Bitcoin uses just one type of DLT, the so called Blockchain.

But back to our main topic, NFTs. As mentioned above, Pixelart is also just one of many use-cases for NFT. The real game-changer is in the concept of proof of some asset values, like a “token” or also, for example, an oldschool stamp in some way. So as a consequence you can not only tokenize digital media like pictures, videos or audio, instead you can also tokenize real world objects into NFTs. For example you can even put your own house as an NFT on a blockchain. And this comes with some nice side-effects if you do it right, because as the person who puts something up as an NFT, you can choose your royaltie-fees you want to get for each sale or trade of your NFT. This means in the case of our house example, we may have already sold the house, but still get money as a provision from other people selling the NFT around. But keep in mind that you have to be the creator of an NFT to collect these juicy fees. So hurry up! ;)

After bringing some light into the greyzones of shiny Buzzwords, finally a short view on the Art-Market around NFT.

The global art market mainly hasnt been changend in the last hundreds of years. This statement seems to become less true with every further day. This may be because at the moment the vast majority of NFT are something digital, some might say “its something you cant touch”. But because our main sense is our vision, its quite logical that the visual (digital pictures) are the front runner of the technology. Furthermore big numbers like the Beeple auction in spring 2021 catch the attention of media and news outlets even more.

This interest and attention gave the digital art-movement a huge boost, the diversity is great and projects in most cases need to be creative in some form or another to contrast them from a huge load of other projects. In addition the barriers to enter the art market get lower and more and more people enter and enrich the network itself. Both as creators AND collectors.

To catch this symbiosis of technology and art we have some additional, valuable information. To put it in a brief context: UrbanNightStudio is blending Design, Creation of Art, Distributed Ledger Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

In a bit less than three weeks our first NFT-Collection Drop (1 out of 10) is sceduled (2nd of February 2022). Besides basing on the Ethereum-Network the “new” feature is the combination of Alghorithmic Art Creation with an Artificial Intelligence, the high scarcity and the unique appraoch of delivering art and the love for it to a global, growing community.

PS: Seven of the NFTs of the First Edition will be raffled to the Social-Media Community




UrbanNightStudio is a collective out of progressive minds in the space of Web3, Crypto and NFT-Development. First focus: Algorithmic Art Creation

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UrbanNightStudio is a collective out of progressive minds in the space of Web3, Crypto and NFT-Development. First focus: Algorithmic Art Creation

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